Scales for personality assessment

Scale Optimism-Pessimism-2 (SOP2, Skala Optimismus-Pessimismus-2)


Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3 (ASI-3, Angstsensitivitätsindex-3)


Anxiety Sensitivity Index-4 (ASI-4, Angstsensitivitätsindex-4)

  • Development of the ASI-4, a broader assessment tool for German samples covering the four AS factors from the ASI-R


Peer-Evaluation of Student Presentations (MPEP, Mainzer Verfahren zur Peer-Evaluation studentischer Präsentationen)

  • Development of the MPEP, an assessment tool for the peer evaluation of student presentations


Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale-5 (SANB-5, Skala Angst vor negativer Bewertung-5)

  • German short version - SANB-5 - of the Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale (Watson & Friend, 1969)