Research Interests and Projects

Research Interests

  • Psychological and Educational Assessment, e.g. Test development, Short scales
  • Individual Differences, e.g. Anxiety Sensitivity, Big Five, Motivation
  • Research Methods, e.g. Questionnaire design, Large scale surveys, SEM, IRT, Scaling methods

My Current Research Projects

  • The role of Conscientiousness skills as enhancers of academic success in secondary education (07/2017-12/2019): In facing 21st century challenges, educators and policymakers worldwide are increasingly considering the role of noncognitive skills in education. The central focus of the enhanCe project is the examination of the role of Conscientiousness skills as enhancers (= enhanCe) of academic success in secondary education. Extending previous research, we will combine the strengths of research designs commonly used in psychology (designs that consider different Conscientiousness skills) with those from education (large probability samples). To obtain robust and unbiased estimates of the contribution of each Conscientiousness skill to diverse educational outcomes, data from two representative student cohorts from Luxembourg’s national school monitoring program as well as an additional follow-up study will be considered.
  • Assessing fundamental motivation via self-reports (07/2015-06/2018): Goal of the project is the development of a personality test – a self-report questionnaire containing statements to be assessed by test takers (test items) – based on a well-established personality model of motivation. Up to date, a royalty-free measure of the personality characteristics specified in the personality model is not available to researchers hampering applied research on the behavior and the outcomes which can be predicted by the personality model. Thus, a valid measure of the model is needed to allow researchers to study phenomena related to the model on a group-level, e.g. learning outcomes, job success, life satisfaction, career decisions. Further, these behaviors and outcomes are also of substantial interest on an individual-level. Thus, a valid measure of the model is also needed for the assessment of the individual’s personality profile which may be used for consulting purposes, e.g. career counseling, personnel selection etc.